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The WS832 has been superceded by the WS852. Click here to view the WS852

Mid range WS Series that is ready for business

The WS-832 is a perfect audio recording device for the active businessman. With a vast range of advanced playback fuctions, direction connection and the option of a rechargable battery, the WS-832 is a solid choice for audio recording.

Direct USB connection with Built-in microSD Card Slot

The recorder supports microSD cards up to 32GB located inside the battery compartment. An integrated USB connector can be easily deployed using the slide lever for direct connection to a PC. With no need for extra cables or special software, the transfer between PC and recorder is simple. The recorded can also second as an external data storage device as well as a charging device when a Ni-MH battery used in the WS-832.


Enhanced Efficiency Perfect for Business

One of the many advanced features of the WS-832 allows users to activate the Voice Playback function that automatically skips parts of recordings without voices and plays back only the voice portions of the recordings. The transcription mode allows for easy operation of playback functions. Combined, the two improved technologies make for increased usability.


Stereo Quality for Every Recording

The low-noise directional stereo microphone with 90° layout creates a superb stereo quality which allows you to feel the full ambiance of a meeting – including the direction or location of the speakers in meetings and conferences.


Trouble-Free Recording with Scene Select

By pressing and holding the menu key, recording and scene selection options can be accessed. The modes automatically configures and optimise settings according to the situation. With five recording preset modes: Lecture, Conferences, Meeting, Dictation & DNS (for Speech to Text application) and two playback modes: Transcription & Language Study, it's possible for anyone to easily achieve trouble-free, high quality recording and playback.


  • Display type: LCD Full Dot Matrix with white LED backlight
  • Display size: 1.43 inch (108 x 84 dots)


  • Internal memory: 4GB
  • External memory: up to 32GB
  • Storage media: microSD / microSDHC
  • PC connectivity: Direct using in-built USB connector

Device Operation

  • Hold switch: Yes
  • Main switch: Push buttons
  • Power switch: Yes

Power Supply

  • Requirements:AAA alkaline battery x 1 (optional), or,AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery x 1
  • External power supply:A514 AC Adaptor (optional)
  • Battery life: Recording (LP mode),37 hours (approx.),Playback (Earphone),30 hours (approx.)
  • Internal battery charge: USB or A514 AC Adaptor (optional),(internal charging operable only with Olympus rechargeable batteries)


  • Built-in microphone: Stereo
  • Microphone type: Directional
  • Directional characteristic:90 degree layout
  • Microphone sensitivity:Hi / Middle / Low
  • Recording format: PCM / MP3 / WMA
  • Voice activated recording: VCVA / Voice Sync.
  • Low-cut filter:Yes
  • Recording scene select:5 recording scenes,Meeting / Conference / Lecture / Dictation / DNS
  • Internal microphone frequency: 70~20,000Hz
  • Overall frequency response:
    • PCM:44.1kHz/16bit | 40~21
    • MP3:44.1kHz/256kbps | 40~20,000Hz,44.1kHz/128kbps | 40~17,000Hz
    • WMA:44.1kHz/32kbps (mono)| 40~13,000Hz,8kHz/8kbps (mono) | 40~3,000Hz
  • Recording Time:
    • PCM:44.1kHz/16bit | 5.75 hours (approx.)
    • MP3:44.1kHz/16bit | 5.75 hours (approx.),44.1kHz/128kbps | 65 hours (approx.)
    • WMA:44.1kHz/32kbps (mono) | 257 hours (approx.),8kHz/8kbps | 1000 hours (approx.)


  • Music player mode:Yes
  • Noise cancel:Yes
  • Voice playback:Yes
  • Voice balancer:Yes
  • Voice Changer:Yes
  • Equaliser:Yes
  • Playback speed control:3.5x – 0.5x
  • A-B repeat:Yes
  • Shadowing:Yes
  • Calendar search:Yes
  • Playback scene select:2 playback scenes,Transcription / Language Study

Editing & Workflow

  • File copy: Yes (folder to folder)
  • File move: Yes
  • File replace: Yes
  • File divide:Yes (only PCM(WAV) & MP3 files)
  • File erase: Erase single files,Erase all files,Erase music folders
  • Index mark: Up to 99 per file
  • Folders:5 voice folders | 300 music folders,200 files per folder


  • Lock single files: Yes


  • Housing colour:Grey Metallic
  • Housing material:Plastic
  • Dimensions:101mm (H) x 40.6mm (W) x 15.1mm (D)
  • Weight:54g (including battery)
  • Microphone jack:Yes
  • EAR jack:Yes
  • Speaker:Built-in Φ18mm round dynamic speaker
  • Maximum speaker output:150mW
  • Compatible OS:Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or later), Vista, 7, 8,Mac OS X 10.5-10.9
  • Compatible software:Olympus Sonority (optional)
  • Supplied items:AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery x 1, stereo earphones
  • Dragon® score:6 Dragons
  • Languages:EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, RU, SV, CN, TW