As a screenwriter, the act of writing and instantly editing can handicap the creative flow. Many masterpieces have been created with oral storytelling and dictation, e.g., The Iliad, The Odyssey, Paradise Lost, and The Gambler, to name only a few. Dictation machines of the past were merely simple recorders, but everything today is hi-tech, and dictation machines are now virtual assistants and a vital tool for creative minds.

So, how can you get your genius converted to reality with a dictation machine?

Getting The Equipment

Quality dictation software comes with an accuracy rate of 90 to 98 percent but using your smartphone is not what we are talking about. You need a combination of superior hardware and software. It is THE foundational step for quality movie transcripts.

The Olympus DS-9500 has premium low noise omnidirectional microphones, which means it seeks out and records sounds from all directions, unlike standard microphones. Its shock-resistant mounting means your hand touching the recorder won’t affect quality. Our work-from-anywhere habits are accommodated with the triple-layer pop-filter, which blocks wind noise, including a breathy way of speaking.

The accuracy of the speech recognition software is critical for dictation to be of value, so Olympus has invested hugely into getting this perfect. The DS-9500 has a futuristic beam-forming function and intelligent dual microphones, suppressing environment noise and enhancing voice recording.

Now let that creativity flow!

Transferring To A PC

It is also super versatile; the DSS Player application for Mac devices is compatible with OS X 10.10-10.13 as well as Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

You can now edit your first draft (yes, you have already created your first draft!) with extra punctuation, refinement, or story structure amendments.

The more you use the software, the more it learns your specific cadence and idiosyncrasies.


Experienced writers who use dictation machines suggest you:

  • Start with small pieces first (350 words) as you train your ‘virtual assistant’.
  • Set up a personal profile using only your voice.
  • Don’t use sample text from another source to train it; use your own stories.

Dictation is a fantastic tool to get your first drafts out and to capture your most creative moments. The DS-9500 also has Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can instantly send it to an executive producer or publisher who is chasing you for output. You can achieve 3,000 words per hour.

Your average movie script is 12,000 words, so you are well on your way. Press record and go!

(CTA) Get your award-winning movie script written up while you speak to a dictation machine – get your virtual assistant today!



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