Researchers are tenacious people with immense mental stamina. They seek and process humongous amounts of data. They write, type, and scribble month after month as well as listen to many hours of audio and video content.

The AV content transcription uses months of their precious research time or chunks of the research budget for subcontracted transcription. The audio recordings, for example, of the 8-day Apollo-11 mission, took a team 4.5 years to digitise. That degree of time and effort is not commercially viable, never mind exhausting. Enter the solution: transcription equipment.

Interviews And Observations

Audio and video interviews or observations will always be a part of the research, from experimental to applied to qualitative research. This is why transcription is a valuable researchers’ tool that saves months of tedious admin work. A manual transcription process can take up to a day to transcribe an hour-long file, whereas automatic transcription software combined with speech recognition technology can achieve this in minutes. Still not convinced? Here are some ways transcription equipment will take your research to the next level:

  • Time, Budget, And Energy Savings

Cut days of manual transcription into minutes of automatic transcription by using the right equipment. Instead of tiresome, repeated cycles of stop-rewind-play-type repeat use software that transcribes and lets you annotate directly onto the transcription text editor.

Another time and effort-saving function is the ability to search for words. You no longer have to stop-play-stop-rewind or yell at the recorder to find interviewees’ quotes. As a result, you will save months and up to twenty times the cost of a subcontracted transcription as well as mental and physical energy.

  • Join The Dots

The search function facilitates faster trend or pattern spotting within the data. Picking up recurring themes or trends is vital for a successful research outcome. With the slick word search capabilities of the software, you will be able to draw conclusions easier, faster, and more accurately. All you need to do is record with the best equipment, which will filter out background noise, and choose a location that balances comfort with reasonable noise levels.

  • Accessibility Of Research

Once your impressive research and results are published, peers and scholars may want to delve into the original sources. Your automatic transcription is available in a text file which makes it very easy to share. In addition, if you spend a short time adding headings, categorising, and shuffling the structure, you will have a book for fellow researchers or libraries.

Using automatic transcription equipment and voice recognition software will save you time, money and get your research into a published state faster than any manual option.

Take your research to the next level, order your transcription equipment and Olympus DS9500 digital voice dictation machine in Sydney today! Contact Dictation World with any questions, our team will be delighted to help.



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