More than ever, business executives are acutely aware of the value of their time and the vital importance of protecting personal downtime. We have collated tips from hyper-efficient business executives on maximising face-to-face time and increasing personal downtime with tools such as the best voice recorder your budget will allow.

Technology Usage

Instead of scribbling notes frantically in a harried meeting, use that best voice recorder to capture the multi-voice conversations clearly. Choose one with superior voice-recognition software and transcription software. Therefore, you avoid taking notes, you listen better, and the meeting minutes are quickly produced while in a taxi or on a train. In addition, some voice recorders come with wifi capabilities so that you can share files even quicker.

Use an App to photograph business cards, send them to an online Rolodex and store a picture of the person and any related voice recorder files with the card.

To get better acquainted with business associates quickly, connect via LinkedIn and Facebook before your initial face-to-face connection. You will have conversation fodder and can spot them among the crowds.

Brief Chats & Preparation

When you meet people at conferences, don’t dive into a long conversation about doing business together. Instead, meet, greet, be memorable, commit to a follow-up, and ensure you do follow up with them. Aim to message them via LinkedIn within 24 hours and include a memorable comment from their chat with you.

For important meetings, courier the meeting materials ahead to reduce aeroplane luggage and distribute the agreed-upon agenda ahead of time. Agenda adjustments can then be made upfront and create a more effective, faster meeting.

Consider inviting clients and business prospects to a centrally located hotel in back-to-back meetings to reduce travelling time, increase meeting slots and reduce the overall business trip time.

Effective Socializing Requires Restraint

As much as possible, restrict meetings to coffee or drinks instead of lengthy meals. Mealtime meetings take more time, gobble up budget, and drain your energy with sub-optimal nutrition options. Go via a greengrocer and make your own healthy meals, and have the energy to be productive for longer.

If attending a conference-related social event, arrive early so you can engage with a lot of people in a sparse room. Restrict your alcohol intake to one drink and choose quality business conversations with new or VIP contacts versus chats with friends.

Leave “early” and don’t be part of the group that carries on through the night. Business-worthy activity rarely happens in those situations. Catch up on work back at your hotel, prep for the next day, or enjoy some relaxing downtime.

Start increasing your precious downtime by using the best voice recorder, online technology, and strict time management!



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