Digital voice recorders are the workhorses of audio in the digital era. From practical applications around the home or in your studies to take on the bulk of work for various industries – having a recording device that you can rely on is vital. Whether you use your device to create podcasts, marketing media, do transcriptions or even record minutes at your weekly board meeting, the Olympus is the superior standard to strive for.

Intuitive Design

Olympus offers next level reliability and ease of use built into the device design. They are ergonomic, stylish and portable – creating a sensation of intuitive functionality. These devices fit into your life, and using them becomes second nature. Not surprising, since Olympus is a precision technology leader on the forefront of solutions that bring a positive impact on people’s lives.

Superior Sound

The core principle of the Olympus audio recorder is the high quality of the sound. With advances in noise cancellation and storage capacity, the result is higher quality over longer recording times: exceptional audio quality delivered by an exceedingly impressive device. The user-friendly design also ensures that there is minimal fumbling and noise disruption when using the device which creates a cleaner, clear sound – assisted of course by the expertly conceived technology housed in the device.

Compatible And Convenient

The recording device is supported by compatible software and technical support teams to assist you in using the right software for your needs. More than this, the device is designed to be compatible with multiple other devices such as your personal computer, cameras, and even office systems where necessary. The Olympus device also offers a file organisation system that is second to none, allowing for ease of workflow integration.

So Many Options!

No matter what your requirements are, there is an Olympus device for you. With a wide range of choices that range from extended recording time and multiple memory variations to options such as speakers, larger LCD screens, and even various options for recording and playback modes you can tailor your preference to best suit your requisites.

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