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SpeechLive Advanced Business Package

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Benefit from increased storage space, higher number of users, browser-based transcription and customizable relationships between authors and typists. Philips SpeechLive is your personal assistant in the cloud. The new dictation workflow service increases your productivity by allowing you to focus on your core business. You can now take full control of your entire dictation workflow, whether you are in the office or on the road. SpeechLive lets you upload, play and download dictation files, send them to your assistant or have them professionally transcribed using speech recognition software or a transcription service, which uses professional, industry-specific trained transcriptionists. Simply speak, send and you are done!
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  • 10 free transcription service minutes included
  • 3 months flexible subscription
  • Up to 80 users
  • 20 GB / 100 000 min online storage
  • 10 free speech recognition minutes every month for every paid user
  • Enhanced smartphone dictation
  • One-click workflow management
  • Individual assignment of typists to authors
  • Professional online player with foot pedal operation