Writing is not for the faint-hearted. Hence the majority of books die before a single word has been written. The author is defeated by the blank page or jots down a few words and bins them. Stephen Fry wrote about Douglas Adams’ raging at his writing like a wounded animal for days. Luckily for everyone, Adams persevered.

So how can you extract that book out of your head? Many best-selling authors recommend using dictation and transcription. In Sydney, the Olympus DS900 dictation machine and AS9000 transcription machine are favourites.

Getting Out Of Your Head

Step one of the process is to get yourself out of your head – this starts with talking. Don’t believe you need badges or certificates to prove you’re a writer. You need knowledge or a story that you want to share. So, speak your book, transcribe it and edit it.

All books start with a messy draft, so kick perfection out the door and launch those ideas into the real world. You can’t start moulding your story if you don’t get the draft version out or get the ramblings recorded. Digital dictation machines are an excellent tool for this, especially when used with a transcription machine.

The Benefit Of Speech Recognition Software

Writer’s block is usually a formula of fear X analysis paralysis = blockage. You can, no doubt, talk comfortably about your book ideas when not under pressure, so think about chatting with your friend. Do they have a need you want to solve with a book? Remember, entertainment is a need too, not only ‘How To’ books. So what would that friend want to know about your book? What tone of voice and grammar would you use when chatting to them?

Focus on the picture of who you are talking to and start ‘chatting’ to your digital dictation machine with speech recognition software. Your chatting will create your first draft, and it will be written in your authentic voice. Your authentic voice will be attractive to readers rather than a stuffy, intellectual speech. A big benefit is that in speaking your draft, you will avoid editing and, thus, your first draft is created quickly. It will be muddled, but that is the purpose of the draft – it’s a catchall, a regurgitated mess.

Editing a draft is far more effective than editing every word being written, word by word.

The Benefit Of Transcription

Your transcription software learns your speech patterns within minutes. Once it’s listened to you read some set-up examples and logged the data, you can spend your day dictating 10,000 words and expect to do minimal correction. This is exponentially faster and less painful than editing every written word in the creation of your draft. Our favourite option is the Olympus As9000 Transcription Kit.

Seeing the swiftness that your first and consequent drafts are created will have you wanting to write a series of books. Now, where to find that perfect publisher?

To get your book started, contact Dictation World and order your Olympus DS9000 digital dictation machine and AS9000 transcription machine in Sydney today!



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