Olympus WS853 digital voice recorder

Olympus WS-852 Business & Study Digital Voice Recorder


Fully featured recorder for high performance and ease of use.

Get easy, everyday use without compromising recording quality with the WS-852. This business & study digital voice recorder adapts perfectly to diverse environments with clear audio quality and superb operability. The new Intelligent Auto Mode is the ultimate solution for use in large rooms when there is a distance between the speakers and the recorder. The intelligent software optimises the recording level depending on the closeness of the audio source, therefore producing recordings that are easy to listen to. Its inherent versatility is evident in its easy, intuitive controls – perfect for beginners.

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The two low-noise, high-sensitivity microphones of this multipurpose digital voice recorder creates highly realistic stereo recordings. The high sensitivity feature is adjusted automatically by the new intelligent Auto Mode while simultaneously removing unwanted noise through its low-cut filter. Thus, when a person is speaking loudly, the WS-852 reduces the input level and vice-versa.

Enjoy superb stereo recordings from the low-noise directional stereo microphones that capture the smallest details of a meeting or presentation. The recordings can be actioned via Simple Mode (only essential information in large font) or Normal Mode that gives advanced users access to full functionality.

Then save the recording files easily with the integrated USB connector – plug and play. It can double as a USB stick for document sharing. The USB connector is also an additional internal battery charge option.

This high-performance, stereo, business & study digital voice recorder is easy to use with intelligent functionality.

Order this quality business & study digital voice recorder today!

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